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Hostel Facility

Hostel Facility

The hostels of a school are defined as a second home for the ones who reside in the same. Hostels are the place where the students live, spend time with their friends, study, and do all their chores after school hours. It goes without saying that the Bon Secours School, Matukdwar, Hazaribag will have the best of hostels and apart from good food, environment and the comfort level of the hostel, students deserve facilities that make their standard of living inside the premises nothing but top-class.

There are diffrent hostels for boys and girls.

Perfect routine translates into the fact that there must be a scheduled wake-up time, a time when breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served, adequate arrangements for studies, and on top of that there must be space for physical and recreational activities too.

Co-curricular activities along with studies make a child a better person and it’s the duty of the hostels as well to provide them with adequate space and time to perform the same.

Student health and emergency administration is another factor that must top a school’s hostel facility list. Check for the first aid facilities of the hostels that are provided during your child’s stay at the same.

The first aid facilities must ensure that there are items that could take care of the child is suffering from fever, deep wounds, or minor injuries while they are engaged in playing games or so on. If you find a hostel that is not comfortable enough to showcase the same in front of you, that place is a strict no-no for you.