Affliated To CBSE BOARD New Delhi Upto Secondary Level
Affiliation No : 3430704    School No : 66867



Our Library


Bon Secours School have library with well structured book shelf and study tables, The library Contains various NCERT books of all class so that the students can utilise it's best, and story books of all ages. The school library always updated with Journal and Magazines.

The library Consist Of following book category

1. NCERT Book
2. Hindi Story Book
3. English Story Book
4. Competative Refrence Book
5. Encylopedia
6. Moral Book
7. Religious Book
8. English/Hindi Newspaper

The school library is part of Our school’s teaching and learning environment. It provides resources and services that support students, staff, families and whānau. Our library’s resources, physical space, and staff have tremendous potential to make a difference to students’ achievement, educational equity, and their social and emotional well-being.